Our Concept

Gallery 2.0 is a new version. A shared space for art, people and events. A picture gallery,concept store, coffee corner, a place for work, meetings and lectures.

We organise exhibitions, help creative and socially engaged people to express themselves, to believe in and accomplish their projects, while meeting a public of various horizons.

Whats's not of the power of one, can be achieved by many.

For us is important for the gallery to breath in the rythme of the city and to change after its needs.

In addition to presenting resident and guest authors, the space can be engaged for your private or corporate event.

We want to live in a world where the love for beauty is an important part of the daily life of each person, where art in appreciated in any form. 
Our mission is to bring in the same place the most beautiful art pieces — not only classic but also contemporary.